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Kels Laughing

Kelsey's Story

I have been using my knowledge, experience and personal success to help clients achieve their fitness goals for over six years. I thrive on helping people from all walks of life reach their potential by creating customized personal training programs and nutrition plans. I began my fitness journey early in life. I was lucky because I grew up with a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for a mother. She definitely had a large influence on my career. As a teenager I was involved in numerous sports that consisted of soccer, dance, lacrosse, and cheerleading. I became a competitive cheerleader in highschool and college and worked as hard as I could to ultimately win state and national titles! Once I retired cheerleading in college I got my first job working at Equinox gym as a front desk associate. I was surrounded by fitness enthusiasts and loved it! I decided to get NESTA, CES, PES, and TRX certified. After a year of working as a trainer at 24 hour fitness I took on a new job working as a group fitness instructor at Orangetheory Fitness. I absolutely loved group training! I was at OTF for four years and over the years my personal training and online business tremendously picked up. I believe I was called to be a leader in the fitness industry and help women become the most confident, happy and greatest version of themselves.

Kelsey Reinert


Stephanie's Story

My passion to help others live a healthy lifestyle started when I had the opportunity to assist in coaching a bootcamp at my local church. I saw how good each person felt during and after the workout and I absolutely loved it! I made the decision to become a personal trainer through ACE soon after that. Growing up I was always active and involved in sports like soccer, volleyball and my personal favorite, lacrosse. When I met my husband Dalton, my passion for fitness grew even more. He is an avid gym goer and taught me how to lift properly. We would be in the gym six days a week and work as hard as our bodies could handle. This training pushed me to enroll into a bikini competition. In 2013, I competed and took home the overall title at the NPC LA Fitness Expo. While I was competing, I began training private clients at Equinox and started posting my own workouts and health tips through social media. This grew to online programming and slowly after that I started coaching group fitness classes at Orangetheory Fitness. I now devote my time, knowledge, and experience over the years to help others reach their goals through personal training, group fitness and online coaching.

Stephanie Stawicki